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A Maker of Pharmaceuticals Contributing to Human Health

Wakamoto was founded in 1929. Nutritional conditions among the Japanese people were poor at the time, and we started by selling a product made mainly of beer yeast that was called Wakamoto, using characters that mean "the source of youth."

Over the ensuing 88 years, Wakamoto has made contributions to the health of many through unceasing research and development work and putting numerous products out into the world.

In 1962, we brought to market Strong Wakamoto, boosting the lactic acid bacteria and various vitamins resistant to digestive enzymes and gastric acids to make it even better suited to the Japanese diet.

Our research and development work has led us to develop prescription drugs and produce pharmaceuticals of various sorts for intestinal disorders. Today, we operate as an integrated manufacturer doing research, development, production, and sales related to prescription drugs, specializing in therapeutic and diagnostic agents for ophthalmic disorders.

Japanese society is aging at a speed unlike anywhere else in the world, and the growth of the financial strains that accompany this present a major social problem that will carry over for years ahead.

Wakamoto Pharmaceutical is working on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and other health-related products that should contribute to advances in self-medication (protecting your health by yourself) to satisfy these social needs. We will continue to protect the health of a broad range of people and make social contributions based on a strong ethical sensibility as a corporation working in the health and life sciences.

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